Requesting Guest articles

I put this on the Homeschooling Mailing lists and I am putting it here too.

If anyone would like to write about their experiences regards to children & learning concepts or their thoughts as to how they want to go forward with alternative education ideas like Homeschooling, Unschooling or Alternative schools, they can write back with the details which will be featured as a guest post article on my little blog.

There are no rules. You can send whatever you want and whenever you want. Just say this in the mail or the subject – This is what I want you to put up on your blog. Can you ?

That’s it. Hoping for some positive responses.

7 thoughts on “Requesting Guest articles

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  4. Hi Friends,

    ROOTS FORUM is conducting a kids workshop through Stenier [WALDORF] Philosophy under
    Objective : Handwork with young children is a training ground to develop creativity and intellectual thinking in children according to waldorf philsophy.
    Date : 18th september
    Age : 3 yrs to 9 yrs . There will be two sessions on the same day one for 3 to 6 yr old and the other for 6 to 9 yr old.
    Venue : B, Saraswat colony, opp gamdevi police station, gamdevi
    Fees : Rs 300 per child.
    For more details contact us on 9833110732/ 9821728054.
    You can also visit us on roots parenting forum facebook or mail us on

  5. Please check it out. We have created a community in mumbai called EDUCATION AS WORK OF ART (eawoa). We are waldorf inspired and open to alternatives.It can be helpful for homeschoolers in mumbai.We have workshops for children and parents. Do visit our workshop page on facebook : EDUCATION AS A WORK OF ART or call SREENANDA at 9833256674 or mail:

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