Legal Issues

This is a page I am trying to create to gather links related to current legal issues and Indian government view as regards to Alternative schools / Home schooling / Alternative education. Mostly it will be links to articles I have put on my blog and maybe some others.

Homeschooling in India and RTE – Legal issues

RTE Act and Alternative schools / Innovative schools in India

RTE 2009 India – Homeschool & Alternative schools

Indian Government & Home school legality

Homeschool legal in India ?

Homeschooling – Legal in India as per RTE act 2009 (Latest 8 Sep 2010 article)

Also see updates on Wikipedia article (Public edited article) I have created –

Homeschooling and Alternative Education in India

2 thoughts on “Legal Issues

  1. Nice. Thank you. Hope many people opt Homeschooling rather than sending their kids to schools which wont meet their expectations.

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