Waldorf Schools & Homeschooling in India

Since I started this blog last month about exploring homeschooling or related options for my son in Mumbai,India, I on & off come across bits of info about Waldorf Schools in India, Waldorf Homeschooling in India, Waldorf education concepts being followed in India, etc.

So I thought I will do a discovery post like many earlier. By that I mean I put down things I found out about how Waldorf education by Rudolf Steiner (also known as Steiner or Steiner-Waldorf education) is present in India.

I first found out about this when I got a response to my email on the Alt ED India and Pune Homeschoolers mailing list I sent in June 2010 (Read about my first mail here)

This is a response from Ruchi

“…I am based in Mumbai and did a similar process of finding out some years ago. I dunno how strong u feel about home schooling and if u r open to a school that offers alternative education. I finally put my kids in TRIDHA which is at Andheri and am very happy if you r open to it you could look it up on google. It has all the benefits of schooling and unschooling….”

As most of you know by now, that my son is yet to be two (he will be this September), I am going through lot of options (you can read about this in my Homeschooling June 2010 recap article) and saving them for future info. Hence the blog, the links, the emails and such. And not much phone calls and physical interaction with the list members 🙂

Anyways, back to the topic, I checked out TRIDHA recently and hence came across the concept of Waldorf schools and education in India.

On the Alt Ed India FAQ page, Waldorf is also mentioned as a method of Homeschooling. This is what it says


The Waldorf Method is based on the work of Rudolf Steiner. This method stresses the importance of educating the whole child—body, mind, and spirit. In the early grades, the emphasis is on arts and crafts, music and movement, and nature. As the child gets older, they are taught to develop self-awareness and how to reason things out for themselves. In this method there are no standard textbooks used. Instead the children create their own books. The Waldorf method also discourages the use of television and computers because of the belief that they impair health and creativity.
http://www.rudolfsteinercentre.ca/ – Information on Waldorf Education.
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/waldorfhomeschoolers/ – Online community for Waldorf home educators.


Couple of weeks or so back I saw an announcement on the Yahoo Alt ED India Yahoo group from drniravmehta@yahoo.com, which says


ROOTS FORUM announces a talk on WALDORF EDUCATION by Ms. ABAN BANA ( Trustee Tridha School) for teachers , parents and anyone intersted in education. An education which responds to a child at each stage of growth based on RUDOLF STEINER Philosophy.”
Date: 26th June 2010 Saturday
Time: 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm
Venue : Orient Club , Chowpatty, Grant Road,
For Details Contact 9821728054 or 9833110732

The purpose of this talk is to learn from different schools of thought for the overall development of our children. There would be interesting topics discussed during the session:

Introduction to Waldorf education
Curriculum of the Waldorf school from kindergarten upto class 8
What activities parents can organize at home with their child
Holistic lifestyle as a result of Waldorf education.
This will be followed by question & answer session.


Now recently I saw an email exchange which recommended resources for Waldorf Homeschooling. Here is the extract


Here’s where we ordered for 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades (of Waldorf schooling)


A couple of these websites also offer sale of e-books.


All this I saved in my email folder for future reference and started my Google search to know more about Waldorf and how Waldorf is being practiced in India.

This is what I found today –

[….in early childhood through imitation and example. Extensive time is given for guided free play in a classroom environment that is homelike, includes natural materials and provides examples of productive work in which children can take part; such an environment is considered by Waldorf pedagogues to be supportive of the physical, emotional and intellectual growth of the child through assimilative learning.]

Read more about the foundations of Waldorf education at Wikipedia

Closer home, you can check out – Waldorf activities at ANTHROPOSOPHICAL INITIATIVES IN INDIA, established in Mumbai by Aban Bana and Dilnawaz Bana in the year 1994.

You need to check out all the word documents on the above link for a better idea.  One of the document also lists several Waldorf schools in India (MS-Word document) most of which are in Hyderabad but there is also TRIDHA in Mumbai and some in other places.

This is all for now. Hope I get to know more from people on the lists and from people who read this blog, so I can make an attempt at this Waldorf model as & when the time comes.

Update 1
I got an email reply from Hema which says this –
Waldorf or Steiner method of teaching doesn’t encourage formal schooling till the child’s seventh year or correspondingly the first grade.
You have a long way to go and enough time to prepare. Here’s another one to get you started- http://www.waldorfcurriculum.com. Thanks Hema for everything !

61 thoughts on “Waldorf Schools & Homeschooling in India

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    • hi i am a mother of an 11 yr old boy gifted but with traits of autism. he is a strong conceptual learner and spiritually connected. we reside in NJ USA and having a hard time to get him in the regular waldrof education. due to his slow motor execution and different learning style have a hard time to find a school which understands him. looking to spend some time in mumbai and do waldrof based homeschooling. can anyone help me.

      • In Mumbai i would strongly recommend Tridha and Inodai both are based on waldorf philosophy…

  2. Can you please let me know of any waldorf school in Delhi or NCR. If not waldorf any other schools that follow an alternative education approach…not the DPS or Amity kind of assembly line schools!.

    thanks and regards

    • If you are still interested in a waldorf school for your child, here’s another one coming up in Mumbai at Andheri West, near Shopper’s Stop.
      Contact us at the about email or call 263222711 between 10.am and 1.00pm or call 9820817314/9820655450
      The next academic session begins in June 2011.
      Center for Steiner Education and Teachers’ Training had started its first 8 month training course in July 2010.
      More details can be got from the office.

  3. I am happy that Waldorf Educationis growing gradually in India. But, alas there is none in Kolkata. I am into biodynamic agriculture, inspired by Stiener since more than 20 years. I have recently started an Steiner inspired first Waldorf kindergarten (to be upgraded) NAVANKUR – garden play school, in Rajpur, Kolkata in a serene garden environment. Children just love the ambiance which is their domain. Adults are intruders in their kingdom. Parents have reported drastic change in their children in a day or two only.
    We are also providing transport to bridge the distance.

    I also intend to organize Training for Waldorf Teachers in course of time here which is badly required in this zone if Waldorf movement has to pick up in this part of the country.
    We had the first seminar which was attended by Burnd Ruff and Christian of Friends of Waldorf Education, Karlshure, Germany, , Saurabh Mukherjee of Young Horizon School, Raphael Lazo an Waldorf Parent and now we have a child from Canada who was a Waldorf child there. His father Arno Dirks is an Waldorf Alumini , now Head of Studies at Oaktree International School, Kolkata.

    Its a humble beginning, inspired by various supporters like Aban Bana, Laurent Fournier, Gomathy Venkatesh – Ex Principal of Mumbai International School, Anely from Germany and others.

    I intend to use NAVANKUR as a platform for Waldorf Education Movement, in Eastern India.
    Any support is welcome, specially for academic staff who is Waldorf trained , Volunteering Waldorf Teachers for training teacher here, sponsorship for the development of NAVANKUR and also parental support with their children if they do not wish to snatch away the childhoodness of their children like it is done in the mainstream.
    One can also contact me over my mobile: 9331024566 or on my email; biogrow@vsnl.net

  4. Dear Friends,
    We have recently inaugurated the Niraamayaa Kindergarten for Nurturing Children Naturally, in Powai, Mumbai. We are inspired by the Waldorf/Steiner methods for its holistic nature, We also cater to children with special needs.
    Contact: 25780867, 9987653780
    E-mail: niraamayaa@hotmail.com

  5. I am running a nursery school in Udumalpet. I have a plan of starting a home school .I wish to know about waldof and wish to get myself trained under this curriculum.

  6. Hi- i am a waldorf parent of a 7 year old boy who has been to kindegarden in Spaina dn now in Argentina is finishing his 2nd grade. We are hoping to return to India next year and were thinking of Bangalore but if there is aposibility of coming together with like-minded parents from Delhi we could posibly start one together in Delhi. We are open to ideas and options. My husband is giving up his career in Diplomatic service and looking for a career in teaching and i have volunteered in all the waldorf parent training programs to helpout too.

  7. Hi, am so glad to know that there are other people who think alt edu is necessary. I have a 6 year ols son who I have been homeschooling using the ICSC books available in Mumbai. I also get help from my cousin who is an artist who teaches my son maths. I have recently met my sons new friend who is a 6 year old who goes to Tridha. I had heard mixed reactions from various parents regarding Tridha. Over the years Tridha seems ro have managed very well n more n more parents prefer it to the run of the mill schools that are least interested in how the childs personality is developing. I am considering to try Tridha for my son and I am really excited about it. Only thing is while teaching my son at home he has started reading on his own in english and has just started multiplications in maths besides bit of other subjects like geography etc . Will a school make him start from 1st standard or will they let him continue 2nd standard onwards ?

    • Two Waldorf schools have started sessions this year. One is Aarambh in Vasant kunj, another is Ukti in new friends colony, both are good, I am sending my 5.5 year old kid in latter as its closer.
      Search in google for their contacts/Facebook pages.

    • Hi Ankit! Are you satisfied with the change to Waldorf schooling? I live in East Delhi too and am really amazed at the kind of burden the normal schools put on a 6 year old child. Does the school offer transport also?

      • Sorry to reply late. I am absolutely satisfied with Ukti, it was a life changing decision.
        My Kid is 7.5 now.
        Why dont you come to Ukti, and you can talk to us parents.
        Its relocated to a farmhouse near jaypee hospital on Noida expressway & there is transport facility from all of noida, south & east delhi.

        Have a look at this video:

        Ankit P
        Parent@Ukti Waldorf School

  8. Hi i am a “french” Canadian mom of 3 children, i homeschool my 8year old son and now his small brothers is joins in with kindergarten this year. I have been using the christopherus curriculum and i generally order them 2 year at a time for a better “school year” planning. I m not 100% Waldorf since India offers allot of unschooling opportunities to diverge from our curriculum and i also like integrating some Montessori work mainly as side practice. I actually find it a bit challenging to organize my supplies: like books, lyre, or pentatonic flute, or Waldorf doll materials… maybe its just me… For my Montessori material i ordered it from Germany not finding any locally. Now we are planning a Saturday raw wool hunt in Delhi for our felting and dye projects. Any tips to share? Enjoy your journey with your child. Erika

  9. Hi ,Iam a mother of a baby girl of 3…I am looking for opportunities to home school her , Iam exploring all possibilities and chanced upon this blog , We live in chennai ,and our baby seems to be great at composing and relating to music nd rythm …she is also the curious kinds ….I would like to know if there are any open schools out here … I am just reading up about the Waldorf system of education…I might have hit the right chords …but I really don’t know …can some one help …

  10. My child goes to The Golden Spiral School which is a first Waldorf School in South Mumbai, it is based at Breach Candy. It is a amazing way of learning and our child just loves going to school. we as parents are so happy to see our child enjoy along with learning.

    School Details as below :

    The Golden Spiral School
    Damul Niwas, Ground Floor, Next to Shobha Restaurant, Near Mahalaxmi Temmples, Bhula Bhai Desai Road, Mumbai 400026.

    Seriously recommended for parents of south mumbai looking for a better non stressful education.

  11. HI all, i really find this blog so informative. i am mother of 2 yr girl, Bangalore based and planning to enroll her into PRAKRITI, a Waldorf school. i am as well planning to be a teacher and attaining a workshop for grade 1. I need more inputs.
    1. Waldorf education, recognition in India
    2. Procedure to register or legally start a Waldorf education.
    3. EXAM or curriculum for being a Waldorf teacher.
    Plz reply, if you have answers for any of my queries,


    • I would like to enquire if I have to enroll my child in Inodia school , at grade six what are the pre requisites as we will be shifting from Sydney .

  12. Hi,
    I am interested in starting a Waldorf inspired school in Goregaon east. Mumbai. Already researching..looking for guidance. Please pour in help.

  13. Hi I am looking for alternative schooling for my 15 year old who has completed IGCSE. I am from mumbai. My child has academic concerns due to ADHD. Can Anyone suggest

  14. Nice blog post, great research!! Although it’s an old post, still useful for people exploring Waldorf in India. Many new Waldorf schools and initiatives have opened since 2010 and I am currently working on inclusive education at Inodai Waldorf school. I would love to hear about your latest adventures with your little one!!

  15. I highly respect the way you are going about your search for an appropriate education that will influence your child’s whole life. Your approach is mature responsible and caring not only towards your child but towards interested others through your sharing and documentation of your search.
    I wish you great success

  16. I am quite interested in this non stressful way of teaching.Looking for my son’s academics after his 10th.He is quite interested in taking football as a career. But as commen parents what academic to be there as well as a cushion.Needs guidance.

  17. we are looking for like minded parents to home school waldorf way in Mumbai. My daughter has graduated from Rudolf Steiner College, California in as a teacher in specializing in early childhood and is now convinced that she would home school her 61/2 yr old son in Mumbai for grade one.

  18. Hey ,
    Actually my daughter is 13 and in grade 9. I wanted her to go for homeschooling is the best option for us as we live outside the city in chennai. I would like to know if there is any school which gives the option of homeschooling in chennai for grade 9.

  19. hello ,
    dear ,myself Dr.Fatema Mohibi,i am mom to a awesome boy of 7 year old, i m so much intrested to go fopr waldrof education , but i have no clue how to shift to it from formal education other problem is we are staying currently in Kuwait , so can anyone guide , is there any way to continue it at home and then once we r back to India , we will enroll to school
    thanks , any help is much appriciated!!

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