I am thinking of homeschooling my son in Mumbai. I got interested in the homeschooling / alternative education / unschooling concepts around mid 2010.

This is what the blog is about. I put up what I learn. I intend document my journey as my son grows older. Hence the name of my blog – “An Education called Life”

Calling all like minded parents and others who would like to share about above concepts, anywhere in Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, other states all over India and abroad.

In case you are new, you may start with these as a guidelines (read through or scan through)

Why Homeschooling ? What’s my need ? What I plan to do ? How do I plan to adopt homeschooling for my son ?

See Homeschooling Discussion articles and Homeschooling Guest articles

What methods of Homeschooling you plan to follow ? Do you plan to coordinate with an organisation / agency for your homeschooling needs ? Where do you plan to obtain study material / toys / books / audio / video ? What specific procedure you plan to adopt for homeschooling ? What about tenth and twelfth standard and further education?

See Homeschooling Information articles and Homeschooling Summary articles

What about Indian Government of Home education / Homeschooling ? Is there an agency coordinating this ? How does Homeschooling fit in with RTE act 2009 ?

See Homeschooling Legal / RTE Issues and also Homeschooling in India – Newspaper articles

You may explore further by seeing the Wikipedia article I created – Homeschooling and Alternative Education in India as well as the Facebook Group created by me – India Group for Homeschoolers & Alternative Education

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