IGCSE Homeschooling in India

This is another of my exercise in exploring options in homeschooling with fixed curriculum. I thought of exploring as to how to go about homeschooling with IGCSE option.

This led me to CIE/IGCSE India homepage (CIE stands for Cambridge International Examinations) and their contact details page

Here is what I wrote –

To: Rakesh Konjengbam (konjengbam.r@cie.org.uk)
Subject: IGCSE for Mumbai

I am not sure whether you are the correct person to address my query, so please forward to appropriate person if that seems to be the case. I am based in Mumbai and have a son who is going to be two this year. Someone suggested that my child could take IGCSE studies as curriculum for independent study at home and give examinations at your centres.

If this information is correct, can you please give me more details as regards to age of joining, curriculum, centres (if available in Mumbai & Pune and other places) and other info as well as contact person details. I have visited your CIE website but info as regards to my above queries could not be found.

And here is the reply –

Our qualifications are grouped as follows:
1. Cambridge Primary (CIPP): 5 – 11 years
2. Cambridge Secondary 1 (Lower Secondary/Checkpoint): 11- 14 years
3. Cambridge Secondary 2 (IGCSE/O level): 14 – 16 years
4. Cambridge Advanced (AS/A level): 16 – 19 years

IGCSE is actually the 10 standard qualification, so to say, you have another 13 years to decide. Further since your son is only 2 years old you wont be able to enrol for the primary qualification yet. Also home schooling would only be recommended for the IGCSE and the AS/A level. Details of our qualifications are available on our website. Also we have got about 250 registered schools across India.

Best wishes
Rakesh Konjengbam (Regional Representative)
University of Cambridge International Examinations
4381/4 Ansari Road Darya Ganj New Delhi – 110 002
Email: konjengbam.r@cie.org.uk

I also put up a similar query on the Homeschooling mailing lists I am subscribed to –

Can anyone help with how does one homeschool with IGCSE syllabus. Please explain from beginning as I don’t know anything about it. I am not even sure whether I understand what IGCSE exactly is. Like how to do it in Mumbai ? From what age ? Your experience if you are doing it, etc. I tried to find about the same from their CIE website but there is no specific info as regards to home study and taking up external exams. Any help or discussion would be appreciated.

I got an excellent response from Sandhya who also shared an earlier response from Manas. I am reproducing relevant texts below.

Extract 1

The British Council, Kolkota allows private candidates after the age of 14. Some subjects cannot be taken as a private candidate like subjects which need year long assessing. There is no specific information on homeschooling. But the syllabus for each subject is given (for exams upto 2012 right now) and the student has to prepare accordingly. Sample question papers are also available. We use the net and different reference books. We also borrow books for the British Council Library.

Extract 2

Your can appear for the IGCSE exams as a private candidate. IGCSE is conducted by two boards: Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and Edexcel. For the exams, you can either go through an IGCSE school (as a private candidate) or take the exams at the British Council in Kolkata (that’s the only CIE exam center in India). The first step is to select the subjects based on interest and coursework requirement. Some subjects have a coursework component that private candidates cannot submit. You need certificates in five subjects in IGCSE (class 10) to be eligible to appear for the GCE A Level (class 12).

Once you’ve decided the subjects and the year for the exams (currently syllabus is available till 2012), you should click on the Resources tab on each subject’s page to see the student resources available. There are books and Websites listed and CIE-endorsed material is indicated. Most IGCSE books are available at Flipkart in India.

For the exams, you have to submit an application form (usually in Jan for the May-June exams). Each subject has a CIE fee of 35.30 pounds and a British Council fee of Rs. 3,000. So, if your child takes five subjects, the total is about Rs. 27,000. The new books cost between Rs. 800 and Rs. 1000. So the overall cost will work out in the range of Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 35,000.

So I guess at this juncture, this much research is more than enough for me. Here are some important links

38 thoughts on “IGCSE Homeschooling in India

  1. Salutations,
    Just stumbled on your blog when searching for Home Schooling in India. While I am not home schooled but am certainly getting a taste of it for my GCE A Levels. And cherishing every moment of it.
    Anyways I have found Planet EDU (http://www.planeteduworld.com/) which also has a Private student option for IGCSE and A Levels & it has branches all over India and some in Bangladesh. Though I have contacted Edexcel whether it is accredited Center or not. Will post as soon as I get reply.
    I hope you would keep your blog updating with latest information.

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  4. Here is an update from Sankalp

    Thanx for the info. Just wanted to suggest that can you make a important contact page which lists all the contact persons and phone numbers for homeschooling. Also I once informed about PlanetEDU which was accredited center of Edexcel; well it is no longer accredited. I am sitting for GCE (some subjects only) via PersonVUE this Jan. Here are the contact details of person who are willing to help they are Edexcel representatives :

    Shenuka Fernando – 0094 774238237 – shenuka.fernando@edexcel.com

    Vikas Mirmira – 0091 9810140730 – vikas.mirmira@edexcel.com

    Geetika Malik – 0091 9717001370 – geetika.malik@pearsoned.co.in

    The cost for GCE is low as compared to British Council.

    Hope it helps someone.

  5. Hi everyone,

    If you’re interested in homeschooling in India you might like to take a look at Wolsey Hall Oxford who provide structured home schooling courses online leading to Cambridge IGCSEs.


    Wolsey Hall has helped over 750,000 people all over the world gain qualifications through distance learning: including Nelson Mandela who studied for his Law degree with Wolsey Hall whilst in Robben Island jail.

    We look forward to welcoming you as a student with Wolsey Hall

    Best Wishes

    Lee Wilcock

    Wolsey Hall Oxford.

  6. i am a private tutor since twenty years.i am living in mumbai. i am educating children of every age and class. because of kind of profession.i have a child of seven years old. due to several pressure from society ,i send him in two different playschool but i opted to stop it earlier. i am giving him my own designed syllabus. i am of the strong conviction that if schools do not want to change to themselves, they must be ignored for the sake of our children’s future.
    only problem i am facing is the socialisation of my child.here comes the way. we who have strong conviction for homeschooling, they should make a group and meet regularily, better they send their child to others home for whole day stay.
    pl. contact me for further plans . sandeep30@in.com

  7. Hi. I’m appearing for CIE A-levels this May. Could you please tell me about schools in Mumbai accepting private candidates? Calcutta is too far for me to go. Thanks a lot

  8. my child’s last school was not nice so thought starting homesvhooling ,so can you tell me how this procedure goes ,thanks

  9. Thank you so much for the updates it has given me a clear vision of homeschooling and how to go for IGCSE exams.Bless you all.

  10. I am a mother of a 9 year old. She is not able to attend school due to health reasons. She attended LKG as a regular student after that I enrolled her in a school wherein I used to teach her at home and she would solve question papers for the unit tests etc. She is now in std 4 and from next year the school is unable to keep doing the same. I want to know of some exam for a 10 year old which she can take up privately.Thanks in advance for ur replies

    • Hi,

      I am in a situation exactly as yours with my son in grade 4 now.

      I couldn’t find a reply to your query. If you don’t mind, can you help me with your notes on how and what you did to take up home schooling when your daughter was 10 yrs?

      thanks and looking forward to your reply.

      Hp: 98452 11561

  11. need clarification on IGCSE subjects for private candidates. I have chosen from the CIE website for cambridge Secondary 2- IGCSE in India- 5 subjects. in the blog i found a link for subjects in India which takes to O level in Secondary 2 . Can any one guide pls which is the correct subjects to be chosen.

  12. My name is ana I have 2 kids 11 and 9 and 11.I would like to make homeschooling with them
    can you help me?
    IS ANY

  13. Sir last year i got passout my tenth class from nios board,now i want to write my twelve exam from igcse,so sir kindly help me how to take admission in igcse board i dont know the procedure and is there is any age restriction in igcse cuz i am 23years old,plz sir answer me soon in my email id.Thank u sir

  14. Hi! I chanced to come across this blog today!! For over 30 years now I have been running a Centre, offering Home-schooling type of training for IGCSE & the GCE of both Edexcel (mainly) and Cambridge (subjects specific) in Chennai. If anyone needs any info as such, it’ll be a pleasure to be of help. I’m available at — “saids60@gmail.com”
    Best wishes

    • Hi Ipshita,
      My son is 6 years old and next year he will be in first grade, currently he’s going to a Waldorf School in Mumbai and I’m very happy with the school. However, I’m worried about high school as attrition rates of teachers are very high in schools in general and students tend to suffer. I would like to explore the possibility of home schooling after grade 6 for him. If I do enroll him at Wolsleyhall, are all interactions going to be over the internet or do you’ll have tutors in Mumbai? As the Waldorf education is so concerned with human interaction and the minimum use of technology, I would prefer something similar to be continued. Please do furnish me with as much details as possible.


    • Hi Ipshita,

      I am looking for help for my son who plans to take his A level as private student next year. Can you please guide me about Wolsey Hall?

      A quick response would be appreciated.



  15. I would like to admit my relative age 14 for a home schooling program. He is in Grade 7. Please let me know how I can get him to enroll for one. I would really appreciate if I can get relevant numbers and addresses.

  16. Does anyone know of a CIE or Edecxel center in India where I can write A-Levels which have practical component (like Physics, Math etc…) Thank you very much. (I searched quite a lot but most of the schools don’t seem to support the subjects which have practical component and my location is near bangalore)

  17. hello,
    i want to know that i have already cleared my 10th class by ICSE board and currently i am doing my diploma.
    can i get to write o-level exam again while continuing my diploma at another side?
    if it is possible in( U.P OR BANGALORE) IT WILL BE more helpful .

  18. Wonderful. Somebody thinking on my line. I am interested in knowing more about home schooling with government of India and international recognition.

    My grandson 3 years.
    Myself 68 years.
    Dr. Anil Mokashi
    MBBS, MD, DCH, FIAP, PhD Pediatrics

  19. I am first thankful for the blog and research done. This is going to be of great use to my kids.I find IGCSE kids are less common and only now growing in nos in Delhi/Gurgaon. List of schools who genuinely practice the syllabus and teaching methodology would help.

  20. Dear Mr. Rakesh K

    My Daughter has passed out her 10th grade from Ryan global School – Mumbai( IGCSE) Year – 2015 2016 ACADEMIC Year.

    Since I had to relocate to Tanzania owing to my job she completed her Grade 11 in LAUREATE International School – Cambridge Affiliated in Tanzania .

    We have currently moved back to Mumbai and seeking admission for Grade 12 which seems to be a challenge as per the School principal . They are requesting us to repeat my daughter in grade 11 as per the IGCSE Centre Head advise.

    We are now in a difficult situation as my daughter is not in a mindset to repeat a year.

    Can you please advise us a way forward in alternative studies for grade 12.
    Her preferred subjects in Tanzania was ( English Literature/Biology/Geography)

    Awaiting your guidance in this regards.

    Thanking you,
    Vijay Nair

  21. Hello,
    I am homeshooling my child who is in 9 grade level and would like to know the subject options as well as igcse centers for private candidates from Mangalore and all the Information regarding it..

  22. Hello, just came across your blog as i am also considering homeschooling my son. He is currently 2 yrs old and just started montessori school. I would like to how your experience has been so far with homeshooling? Have you joined any local support groups? If yes, which? We are also based in mumbai.

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