What deschooling means to me…

This is a guest article from Priya Desikan from Chennai who is currently a homeschooling mom to her 5 year old son, Raghav.

This is my Guest article 2

What deschooling means to me….

Till three months ago, our lives revolved around Raghav’s school……we started our day with “getting ready for school” and ended the day with “getting ready for school”!…..coming to think of it, our routines and his revolved around his school routine! School was life! Holidays were planned around it, outings and playtime was planned around it, family time was planned around it, eating times were planned around it…..can you imagine how “important” going to school was??


You can read more at her blog – PEOPLE FOR CHANGE – What deschooling means to me….

Here is wishing to more articles from her, about what she does, how she feels and the like.

Here is the earlier guest article (Guest article 1 – For children to learn – India a wonderful place)

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