Homeschooling in India – What I think about it ?

Read about what my thoughts are as regards to homeschooling and education in general. Whether you are new to homeschooling or new to this blog… this is the best place to start….

10 thoughts on “Homeschooling in India – What I think about it ?

  1. Hi! I am a Science Graduate along with It knowledge. Currently, working in the IT industry as Development Maanger.My son, 6 year old is diagoned with ASPERGER and AHD. Currently he goes to a mainstream school in Delhi. I am trying for various schools with special needs. However, I mysely would like to move into the field of teaching kids with special education. I dont know where to start from. If you can guide me please!

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  3. I wish to know more about homeschooling and participate in activities to know more about how kids can be competent with the school going children. Is it possible to get admissions to Engineering or medical or any other professional courses from AICTE approved colleges?

  4. Hi,

    I work with a social media agency in Mumbai (India) and represent an IB school here.

    Since you write on education, I thought it would be great to connect.

    With IB schools in India, kids residing in India or parents looking at relocating to India or sending their kids to study in India, can now expect the same quality of education that they would get anywhere in the world.

    If you could share your contact details (email id), I could write to you in detail on this subject.

    Look forward to your reply. You could write to me at


  5. Hi
    I am a student from Bangalore. I am doing a sociology project on Homeschooling. I am attempting to look into the merits of homeschooling compared to the formal method and also understand the current mindset prevalent regarding homeschooling. I hope you will be able to provide some answers and your personal opinion regarding this.

  6. I am living in Aurangabad (Maharashtra) I want information about homeschooling in Marathi for my 10 years old grandson

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