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Updated as of  21 July 2010

Govt issues fresh guidelines on corporal punishment – dnaindia – http://bit.ly/aGzKD7

RTE to be tweaked to help pvt schools – The Times of India http://bit.ly/aEMCc0

First violators of RTE Act: Govt’s own Navodayas – http://bit.ly/aAIeW8

Three months after Act, RTE rulebook here http://bit.ly/90UKUU

CBSE to offer film making course to children in Class XI-XII students – The Times of India http://bit.ly/9jt3HA

Telegraph UK – When will India enforce its ban on corporal punishment? http://bit.ly/9qkgpS

The idea of taking a gap year between academic years is soon catching up in India. – Education – Times of India – http://bit.ly/a20EES

Schools, parents not happy with RTE – Bangalore – City – The Times of India http://bit.ly/aEEXfi

Analyzing – Five Reasons to Stop Saying “Good Job!” http://yhoo.it/a7J880

California State Library – “CALIFORNIA AS WE SAW IT: EXPLORING THE CALIFORNIA GOLD RUSH By Gary F. Kurutz http://bit.ly/dr4NMG

Homeschooling Social Register – Homeschoolers listed in India – Homeschoolmedia.net http://bit.ly/cQ2s9w

The Reform Symposium is a free online conference for educators, administrators, parents and students. http://bit.ly/ajFTLG

India – National Council of Rural Institutes – promoting institutions / programs of Nai Talim Gandhian basic education http://bit.ly/d2Nb4W

India Contact details – Right to Education Division National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, New Delhi http://bit.ly/dbaljN

Links to all publications of Alliance for Childhood – Children’s healthy development, love of learning & joy in living http://bit.ly/as1Y2V

New interventions in India make life easier for the deaf blind – Organisations working to diagnose deafblindess http://bit.ly/bs0HSJ

Young Musicians of the World – Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya – Dharwad Karnataka India http://bit.ly/9TUA2N

Young Musicians of the World India – FREE MUSIC SCHOOLS FOR CHILDREN IN INDIA – http://bit.ly/com2aE

Organic Revival – 25 July 2010 – Rice Planting – Organic Farming – GORUS Pune – http://bit.ly/9P0pEN

Homeschooler / Homeschooling from Goa India http://bit.ly/cBOfxY

Everyone will relate to ‘Udaan’: Director – ibnlive http://bit.ly/a4XRGo

Sex, Lies & Homework-While adults turn a blind eye, urban schoolchildren are playing inside a super sexualised world http://bit.ly/caPyz2

9-year-olds accused of molesting junior – Thane – Mumbai Mirror http://bit.ly/bre627

Online cooperative effort of homeschooling moms to provide free quality literature-based unit studies and resources http://bit.ly/blOXFd

A Science Odyssey for Children : You Try It: DNA Workshop http://to.pbs.org/dAbggp

Steps for creating DNA fingerprint. http://to.pbs.org/c6oOeU

Exploratorium – Parents? – We can offer you lots of ways to engage your children in science, art, and how world works. http://bit.ly/bQ52DO

A Science Odyssey for kids : You Try It: Atom Builder http://to.pbs.org/9ORnri

Preschool Social Skills for Children – A guide for the science-minded parent http://bit.ly/b2RGnx

Digantar India – Certificate Programs in Foundations of Education http://bit.ly/9oXPMF

Free teaching resources for science http://scr.bi/cjzokG

Homeschool Newsletter – Fuel the Fire – contains a months worth of homeschool ideas to keep your learners happy http://bit.ly/chk1hw

Free Homeschooling Ideas, Activities and Resources http://bit.ly/ccRRSQ

Waldorf Curriculum – Yahoo Groups http://bit.ly/9LnDYT

Waldorf Curriculum! http://bit.ly/bRym60

Every parent who homeschools has been through this – Aren’t you concerned about your child’s socialization?” http://bit.ly/beGxJI

Learn in Freedom! > Research on Homeschooling Socialization – “Socialization: A Great Reason Not to Go to School” http://bit.ly/9fhqKH

Home Schooling and Socialization of Children. ERIC Digest. http://bit.ly/aTh0tM

Alfie Kohn – Unconditional Parenting http://bit.ly/ceNCWN

Punished by Rewards – Alfie Kohn – Children / Parenting – http://bit.ly/bXfRur

Five Reasons to Stop Saying “Good Job!” – By Alfie Kohn http://bit.ly/aJeuYM

How To Maximize Your Child’s Learning Ability: Lauren Bradway Book Links – http://bit.ly/aVjGZC | http://amzn.to/bvvDxd | http://bit.ly/947Yr1

“I Am The Amazing Spider-Man” Personalized Spider-Man DVD Video – Your child stars as Spider-Man – (India Parenting). http://bit.ly/aFO7n7

(Rudolf Steiner) Waldorf Education India related articles at Anthroposophical Initiatives in India http://bit.ly/99caVX

Google App Inventor: Slick tool for schools | ZDNet http://bit.ly/dsGMUr

The Best Years in Life – It’s never too late or too early to begin living longer, healthier and happier lives! http://bit.ly/aWaOtP

Teaching Gardening to Children – Teaching Children Gardening Boosts Their Development and Health http://bit.ly/cFYj9X

UNESCO-APEID Wenhui Award for Educational Innovation 2010 – Call for nominations http://bit.ly/cz1sHz

Children who garden are happier and more confident, finds Royal Horticultural Society study – Optimist World http://bit.ly/9X2QoR

YouTube – Alfie Kohn on Positive Reinforcement http://bit.ly/cyZRvy

Creating Learning Communities – A Coalition for Self-Learning – A new educational system with the student in the center http://bit.ly/atBuEc

Millennialchild – Our foundations lie in Waldorf education which in turn arises out of Anthroposophy by Rudolf Steiner http://bit.ly/aYjkJk

Bob & Nancy’s Bookshop – Welcome to Our Bookshop! http://bit.ly/cmlrwu (Waldorf Books .com )

A Little Garden Flower & Waldorf Essentials http://bit.ly/d5KfYz (Online store for Waldorf books & other Waldorf resources)

Waldorf Homeschooling – Waldorf home school curriculum – Live Education! – also to supplement traditional schooling. http://bit.ly/ct9PFr

Christopherus Homeschool Resources: Waldorf homeschooling and parenting help in a variety of forms – Books, Audio,Video http://bit.ly/cLCmXN

Naomi Aldort – Parenting Advice, Attachment Parenting, Family Guidance http://bit.ly/b9o0q6

Naomi Aldort – People think that we discipline them (our children). We don’t. It is ourselves we discipline. http://bit.ly/av2Eng

Sharks – Kid activities website http://bit.ly/aHs1Td

Zoom Sharks – Enchanted Learning Software http://bit.ly/dnDZ5J

Great ideas to implement into your homeschool program. http://bit.ly/ci60GT

Does corporal punishment leave a child disciplined or scarred? http://bit.ly/9QTYOJ (Outlook India)

YouTube – Education Videos http://bit.ly/cks7wA

Stone Soup is a Creative Writing magazine by and for children between the ages of eight and thirteen http://bit.ly/9yURsc

The final empire: The collapse of civilization and the seed of the future – WM. H. KÖTKE (ecology / ecopsychology) http://bit.ly/brRUyP

Educational online videos – Zane – http://bit.ly/9iJG1N

YouTube – World History: Christopher Columbus and Age of Discovery: http://bit.ly/c6XxnJ

Making Math Meaningful – free download practice worksheets for children http://bit.ly/bVeo7e

BrainPOP creates animated, curriculum-based content that engages students http://bit.ly/dpKmkI

BookRix – Read free books Short stories, Poems, Novels and more… Read more than 7489 books online for free… http://bit.ly/91P9zV

Exam Help – Assessment infrastructure to students of class 4, 5 and 6, and more – http://bit.ly/bQvcXL

Sherra Still homeschooling for 7 years with Sonlight Curriculum in India http://bit.ly/c4xdJH – (Magazine for Homeschooling Families)

Fallacies about Global Warming – John McLean – SPPI http://bit.ly/doUS9r (PDF document link)

Classontheweb – CBSE classes online course Class I to XII http://bit.ly/aMExhM

Rethinking Everything: An international conference for freedom loving families http://bit.ly/bihzF5

EnjoyParenting.com – with Scott Noelle http://bit.ly/9doMxt

Tests for Assessing children – India Macmillan IAIS/ IAS http://bit.ly/cYerQs

IAIS/ IAS – International Assessment for Indian Schools- http://bit.ly/bSmPdY

All India Workshops – July 2010 Neuro Linguistic Programming Kinesiology Brochure http://scr.bi/9c3HuF Also see. http://bit.ly/99RcSo

Story Revolution – Online store for children books catalogue http://bit.ly/8ZziBX

CIE (University of Cambridge International Examinations) IGCSE schooling & homeschool – South Asia / India contacts http://bit.ly/d6ybss

Author Jan Brett’s Free Coloring, Video and Activity Pages http://bit.ly/aWELot

Free printable worksheets for preschool through fifth grade http://bit.ly/a7ysYx – TLS Books

Gillo – Children’s media group in Mumbai into Education, Arts and Media. Indigenous content within an Indian context. http://bit.ly/bOudWZ

School vouchers – Special scholarship allows eligible parents to put children in any school, government or private. http://bit.ly/bjcD8M

School Choice – Policy reform idea developed to increase involvement of parents in responsibly schooling children http://bit.ly/abaUEI

Pratham is the largest NGO working to provide quality education to the underprivileged children of India http://bit.ly/arQrRJ

Navadarshanam – Ecological and spiritual alternatives to the modern way of living and thinking http://bit.ly/axKwhs

Teaching Children how to sign their own signatures – http://bit.ly/8Yf3hC and http://bit.ly/aUReYt
WSJ – Auditing Schools in India ? – http://bit.ly/9dEYNV

Vaccinations – A Thoughtful Parents Guide Flipkart- http://bit.ly/aQEgcG Google Books- http://bit.ly/cKqDba Amazon- http://amzn.to/aDxvZv

HIGH SCHOOL SCIENCE AND LABS AT HOME http://bit.ly/bszQtQ (Homeschooling Materials)

Are Kids Naturally Lazy or Natural Learners? – Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO) – Jerry Mintz. http://bit.ly/bdCo5h

Building as Learning Aid (BaLA) Documents for schools & homeschooling – http://bit.ly/bQeu8D | http://bit.ly/bb8JNa | http://bit.ly/cfJA2h

Motivation of the motivator – http://bit.ly/c5EoDD from Parent Musings (An Indian Parent’s Resource to Effective Education)

Montessori Materials http://bit.ly/bkfZJI Friday, June 18, 2010 10:35:51 AM via bitly

Parent Musings | An Indian Parent’s Resource to Effective Education http://bit.ly/9mvCQQ

Ordering Organic vegetables at home – http://bit.ly/d7DQMQ

Global Oneness Project http://bit.ly/coFFRc

Train the Trainer | Geniekids – How to work with Children – http://bit.ly/aQHAKO (Homeschooling/Unschooling)

India’s Swaraj University uses a self-design learning approach (at Udaipur Rajasthan) – Two year self learning program http://bit.ly/aiJ5Yi

Jinan Presentations http://bit.ly/d0k8jM

Jinankb Presentations http://bit.ly/9EBsqr

Children Being in the World – http://bit.ly/cBLQzQ – a film by KB Jinan. see http://bit.ly/anBcxB for more.

List of films based on Greco-Roman mythology – Wikipedia http://bit.ly/d8dBFG Wednesday, June 16, 2010 2:02:44 PM via bitly

Greek Mythology in Movie and Video http://bit.ly/adXK6b

The Story of Stuff-Transform systems of production & consumption to serve ecological sustainability & social wellbeing http://bit.ly/ceHVDv

Aviary – Anyone can create music & beats completely from scratch & right in their browser, by simulating 50 instruments http://bit.ly/aGOwAV

The Pomegranate Workshop Mumbai – provide triggers for creativity and then watch the children let themselves go. http://bit.ly/9vlSPS

Art of Living : Parenting is a two way journey – teaching as well as Learning http://bit.ly/a86p7r http://bit.ly/aFgjKT

Music teacher creating music using original bird calls http://bit.ly/9flyzv http://bit.ly/9pOCK4 10:12 AM Jun 11th via bitly

The Center for Nonviolent Communication http://bit.ly/96cdjl

American Museum of Natural History / NASA planetarium show on DVD – Get it now – US and all the world – http://journeytothestars.org/

Best resource for Indian home schoolers – http://alternativeeducationindia.net/

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