Homeschool in India (Mumbai) – Hindustan Times

Congrats!!!! So many Mumbai families featured in recent Hindustan Times.

To see the article

Go to

Register and view HT edition Mumbai of 19 June 2011 – Page 2

Or see the online version here and here

You can also get a PDF here of the same article
Homeschool in India Mumbai – HT 19 June 2011 PDF

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5 thoughts on “Homeschool in India (Mumbai) – Hindustan Times

  1. I like this concept of homeschooling. How can I home school my 12 year old boy who has attended regular schooling and is not interested in going to school. I live in Andhra Pradesh.

  2. there is no school better than home . here a child learn to read and write know abt his family history, know about his family traditions, good values,morals etc which i think is not possible i school where subjects which are not used in day to day life are taught and also exam are conducted on the same and child is burden for this studies and good marks etc which in life long run is not useful at all good qua;ities for being

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