Homeschooling in India – Sep 2010 Edition

It’s end of August and I guess this month end is a great time to do my summary post series as regards to what I have learnt about homeschooling in India. It’s almost three months now since I started this blog and I recently got some navigation pages to make my articles easy to browse (see my About page). I was thinking since last week as to how to formulate and an idea fell into place after I saw an email from Urmila Samson on the Pune Homeschoolers Google Group. The email mentioned that Times of India (Pune) wanted to do a feature on Homeschoolers and had the following questions –

# What are the methods of Home schooling you are following?
# Why Home schooling? Its need?
# Is there an agency with whom are you coordinating for home schooling your children?
# Where are you obtaining study materials from ? Are they books ? audio ? video?
# Is there a specific procedure followed for homeschooling?
# What about Government recognition of education? Which agency you are in touch with?
# What about tenth standard ? 12th standard exams, etc and further education. How will homeschool fit into that ?
# Where does home schooling go after the RTE act?
# What do you do? And why did you adopt home schooling for your kids?
# What are kids taught as part of home schooling?

Now, I am based in Mumbai and also my son is just two (he will be on 6 Sep 2010), so really all this is not exactly applicable to me right now.

But a lot of info has been collected by during the past three months dues to interactions with resourceful individuals on the Yahoo Alternative Education India Mailing Group, the Pune group I mentioned above as well as the Facebook group I created for Indian parents taking Home education / Alternative schooling for their children. Here is how I am classifying my articles for an easy read –

Why Homeschooling ? What’s my need ? What I plan to do ? How do I plan to adopt homeschooling for my son ?

For answers to this & related queries. See Homeschooling Discussion articles and Homeschooling Guest articles

What methods of Homeschooling you plan to follow ? Do you plan to coordinate with an organisation / agency for your homeschooling needs ? Where do you plan to obtain study material / toys / books / audio / video ? What specific procedure you plan to adopt for homeschooling ? What about tenth and twelfth standard and further education?

For answers to this & related queries. See Homeschooling Information articles and Homeschooling Summary articles

What about Indian Government of Home education / Homeschooling ? Is there an agency coordinating this ? How does Homeschooling fit in with RTE act 2009 ?

For answers to this & related queries. See Homeschooling Legal / RTE Issues

I guess this post will serve as a good reference guide for newcomers to this blog too…

You may also see the Wikipedia article I created – Homeschooling and Alternative Education in India …And follow me on Facebook (Indiahomeschool) and Twitter (Indiahomeschool) for more updates !!!

2 thoughts on “Homeschooling in India – Sep 2010 Edition

  1. Hey! This is Apoorva, I am a reporter for DNA newspaper. I wanted your input on an article I am doing about schooling and admission pressures. Could I please have your email address/contact number? My email is Please let me know as soon as possible.

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