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Roots Parenting Forum Mumbai
Waldorf Schools & Homeschooling in India

‘ROOTS’ Nurturing young minds is an organization which strongly believes that roots are the main foundation for a growing plant which eventually becomes a tree. If we at this tender age can nurture our little ones we are for sure promising a bright future for them. It is an organization run by two mothers though busy in their own way run lots of different activities for kids.

Dr. Deepali.Mehta a Homoeopath and Ozone therapist by profession has also worked with eminent paediatrician and child psychologist.
Nivedita Doshi is a science graduate and has done a Diploma in Clinical Analysis is a very proactive and enthusiastic mother too.

Roots conducts various workshops for children
1. Workshops at Crosswords Book Store
2. At Podar Jumbo Kids
3. Summer workshops.

Roots conducted a workshop for Parents to provide a deeper insight in raising kids.
The topic for the Two day workshop was CONSCIOUS PARENTING which was held on the 11th and 12th of July 2009 by an eminent speaker Partho who has been engaged in the field of education for over 20 years. He has done extensive personal research in philosophy and practice of integral and alternative education. He is an exponent of Advaita Vedanta and Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga. Partho joined Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Delhi at the age of 26 and got involved in personal research in the field of Spiritual-Yogic Education and Practices. Partho headed Mirambika School between 1994-1999. Thereafter he headed The Blue Mountain School in Ooty for 3 yrs. He has recently authored a book named Integral Education. He conducts seminars, courses and camps for teachers, parents, children and school administrators all over the country.

We believe Conscious Parenting is a choice .
We continue our endeavour in bringing the best out of our children through continuous Parenting workshops/meetings once every month.
We conduct our workshops under the guidance of four child educators who have been in this field for 15 to 20 years.
Our programmes are very interactive and so we believe that;

Helps a person develop an alert and attentive mind.
Helps a person to free himself of his patterns, beliefs and conditionings and rise to his potentials.
Helps a person focus on subtly building a psychological armor in children.
Helps a person to learn to transcend his frustrations, anxieties, disappointments and upsets.
How to consciously relax and release stress any time anywhere

Techniques for building bridges and strengthening the parent-children relationship.
Building communication foundations, building your child’s confidence, and developing your skills.
Understanding that parenting is an art and not a science.
Guide lines to help you to cope with life and its extraordinary ups and downs and develop an inner strength that protects you from being ravaged in life.
Guidelines to nourish and maintain healthy relationships.

We have discussed various topics in this forum;
Enjoy the moment with your child
Pursue excellence
Free play
Aims and Objectives of Education
Mind and intellect.

We invited Mrs Ranjan Amin Ex-head of the department from Nirmala Niketan institute with special interest in child psychology to give us a talk.
Last month we had with us Ms Aban Bana form Tridha school giving us a talk on WALDORF EDUCATION.

We at ROOTS FORUM MUMBAI look forward to having with us educators from all alternative fields to conduct programme for parents and kids.

Contact: Deepali 9833110732 Nivedita 9821728054

4 thoughts on “Roots Forum Mumbai – Art of wise Parenting

  1. We are glad to announce our upcoming workshop for this month
    Speaker Mr.Philip Weiss an entrepreneur from Brussels
    Topic Secret Conversations- Teaching key values and principles to children
    Date 25th August 2010
    Time 4.30 to 7p.m.
    Venue B,Saraswat colony,next to shamrao vithal bank, opp gamdevi police stn, gamdevi.
    Contacts 9833110732/9821728054
    For more info visit roots parenting forum facebook

  2. Hi Dr Deepali , indeed the work being done by Roots is commendable .
    The concept of “Conscious Parenting” is what India needs today primarily. Indian adults , children , teenagers and youth imbibe a lot from the western culture , even things which are harmful ; but are unable to inculcate the concepts of wise parenting, benefits fo counselling , difference between a teacher (B. Ed) and a counsellor /psychologist and many other inter-related topics.
    More important is implementation of Conscious Parenting in day-to-day living . Unfortunately, ignorance , negligence , procrastrination and rejection of innovative counselling concepts (applicable pracically) prevails in our society…the STIGMA towards mentally and physically handicapped people exists widely in India. Home is where the real positive change needs to start , to help Indian society gain awareness and transform into a dynamic , holistic , genetically-conscious society.

    Regards , Nikita.

  3. Hello Dr. Deepali/Nivedita,
    I am Hiten from Ghatkopar, father of a 16 month old son, a chemist by profession and an I.T engineer by qualification. I would like to know more about your workshop “Conscious Parenting” as well as I am very keen to learn more about “Home Schooling”, its prospects and practicality.
    I would be grateful to you if you can help me with it.
    Looking forward to your reply,
    Hiten Chheda.

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