Home schooling in India – What I learnt in June 2010

A couple of days back I got an encouraging response

Thank you for keeping the group updated on the legal situation! Also, your blog is building up into a great resource for homeschoolers – I’m sure a lot of people could use the info.


Wow that’s great news and I thanked the person from my heart.

And there was another one –

you are an active group member. My daughter is three. I seriously found all the schools dis-satisfactory. that’s why i thought of educating my daughter at home. i am in indore. i am not being able to find any group here in Indore . Can you help & guide me.

This prompted me to write a reply –

[…..Welcome to this wonderful idea. What you figured out will help not only you but also your little innocent baby, which isn’t meant to face this harsh world. Well you love her so much i see that, you don’t want to send her to school but rather impart important thoughts to her at her and your leisure.

No one likes to be forced to do anything, and I feel a child must never be forced cause it gets frustrated and learns the same mechanisms from its parents and teachers.  I would like to add that do all that she and you enjoy doing, like watching  animated films. then colouring, singing, dancing, blowing balloons etc…

Don’t force your little one to doing anything. OBSERVE her, what she likes, what she wants, what she does not like, and you will understand that your baby is unique. There will be relatives and friends who will tell you that you are wrong, but my friend you must keep up with the feeling of your baby’s well being.

She must never be sad or depressed. That is precisely why I am for home schooling my son. He is not even two yet. But I do all crazy stuff with him, like making sounds, clapping hands, making weird faces etc. He enjoys wild life, so we watch Nat Geo.

At all times make your child feel that she is the number one, never compare her with anyone.  She is unique, and she must understand that after a couple of years. Every parent will have their own say as to how they would like to shape their children, that way you can implement what values and thoughts you want her to have. You must be disciplined so to make her a disciplined, holistic and an independent woman.

See the site  alternativeeducationindia.net and  also put yourself on the homeschoolers mailing list so that you may receive all the mails that are being circulated.  I made a blog with all the details, and legal issues, you can see that, hope that all this will help you. God bless you and your little baby….take care..please feel free to write if anything comes up ….]

After writing this, I started thinking as to what more I could put across to the person who is writing to me…and hence this blog post.

Here is an explanation from the above site I mentioned which I find very fitting –

The different methods of home education will enable you to choose the style and way to teach your child that would work well for your family. No matter what approach you may take, you can be assured that your child will learn faster and better than he or she would, in a regular school set up. Further more, you have the luxury of changing the methods or styles of home education once you know something does not work for your child or your family. That is the beauty of home education. Remember that there is no pre-set ways to follow. You do not have to follow what works for another family or child or match a local school. It is not a one- size- fit- all approach. This is an advantage of home education. Be open, be flexible and be there for your child and best of all, love them. Be prepared to experiment and find the correct fit for your child and family. Be understanding to the fact that your child’s interests may change as he or she grows older and mature and so you should be prepared to accommodate that in your methods and styles of home education.

According to the same site, these are different types of Home Education listed –

Unschooling or child-led learning, Traditional or School at home, Classical home education, Relaxed” or “Eclectic” style,The Waldorf Method,Unit Studies method,Charlotte Mason Method,Montessori Method, DVD or Video Home Education, Virtual schooling or Internet schooling.

You can find more details at this link or know more about these and other kinds of home schooling methods on Wikipedia

What more could I tell ? Well there are 15 articles I have put on this blog, here is the list

Here is an interesting mail from Vidyut on the Pune homeschoolers group (mail edited by me)-


You already know alt-ed-india.

The sites I had mentioned were http://sandradodd.com/unschooling and http://joyfullyrejoycing.com/

About homeschooling, it is essentially about managing your child’s learning yourself. Most of us can be broadly ‘slotted’ into:

* Homeschoolers with curriculum: Following a curriculum to teach the child along with other life learning
* Homeschoolers without curriculum: Teaching the child interesting things from a variety of sources
* Unschoolers/Natural Learners: No structured teaching at all. Learning through life experiences and following inclinations
* Radical unschoolers: Total natural learning. No forced anything from study to food and activities to bedtimes
* Others: Sprinkling of other stuff thrown in. I guess no one is typical of anything

Essentially, you will find here people who are willing to design their support of their child’s learning ‘custom’ so to say. We all have unique ways, and what you had asked, if someone can guide you to what to do everyday, is you. But there is loads of experience and ideas and resources being shared all the time. Prowl through the archives or simply ask to find all kinds of help.


I guess this will post will work a a good starting point for person who is wanting to start homeschooling in India.

If you are familiar with Twitter, then see this too…  Indiahomeschool

5 thoughts on “Home schooling in India – What I learnt in June 2010

  1. Glad you are making this wonderful effort. I would like to know though is this website dedicated to homeschooling only. Or are you also catering to parents who send their kids to alternate schools. I am an unschooler on the path of Sandra Dodd and Dayna Martin, as you must already aware from Punehomeschoolers. Do let me know. Since if you encourage unschoolers, then I would be intersted in writing on this site about my ways.


    • Thanks for taking the time to read and to comment. This place is dedicated to explore learning options. I would be delighted to feature your details as a guest post. Please do send it across. You already know my email address. Let it be a para, a page or regular articles now & then. Also please spread the message so that others whom you know (on or off the list) can also send in their experiences related to homeschooling / unschooling / alternate school learning of any kind in India or abroad. Infact I think I should change the title accordingly. Waiting to hear from you & everyone else…

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  4. Hi,I am from delhi my daughter is 7yrs old and a student of a regular school but due to her health I am looking for home schooling but I dont no what to do can anyboby help .lalit

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