RTE 2009 India – Homeschool & Alternative schools

Today morning I was thinking that I am compiling info as regards to news articles about homeschooling in India, the legal position, etc., I realised that I am not having enough info as regards to the same.

This is specifically concerning the petition by Delhi based parents for homeschooling their daughter and the proposal to MHRD regarding Alternative Schools & RTE Act 2009 by people (as mentioned in this Indian Express article by Chinki Sinha and also in my posts – Indian Government & Home school legality as well as Homeschool legal in India ?)

So I went ahead and put this email on Yahoo Alt ED India group and the Pune Home schoolers group requesting the same.

[I am referring to this Indian express article…I would like to know if someone on this list has knowledge related to the Delhi petition and the the proposal to MHRD from Bangalore people…]

Now image my surprise, when I found that Urmila has already posted the details and documents related to both on the Pune Homeschoolers mailing list – the petition by Delhi based parents for homeschooling their daughter as well as the proposal to MHRD regarding Alternative Schools & RTE Act 2009.

By the way if you are looking out to read the entire RTE Act 2009 see this links below –

The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009 [PDF LINK] on Ministry of HRD website

Right To Education or RTE 2009 as is popularly known as (it’s a link to pdf uploaded on my blog)

Now here is what I have compiled-

Email posted on Pune Home schoolers group from Ramdas and Rama from Vidyodaya School Gudalur

As all of you know the RTE Act has been preoccupying us for the last few
months. Many of our schools will have to close down if the Act is
enforced unless we are recognised as a formal school. On April 18th we
called for a meeting in Bangalore and the group that met decided to
petition the Ministry to create space for Alternate schools within the
RTE. Accordingly four of us drew up the attached document. This was
circulated to all those who attended the meeting and through the yahoo
group. We got a feedback from a number of people and these were
incorporated. This, of course, does not mean that this is the lost word
on the matter. We needed to present our concerns by the 10th of June to
the Ministry and so an initial document was prepared. One of the things
mentioned in the document as you will see is that we should attempt to
form a National Council of Alternate Schools. If such a body is to be
formed we can work out all the details there. This is something we would
like you to consider.

There are two documents attached here. One is the document that we have
presented and is called the – A SPACE FOR ALTERNATE SCHOOLS – and the
other is titled Sandeep’s petition to MHRD. Sandeep Srivatsav’s
daughter, previously a student of Mirambika Delhi, and later decided to
home school, went to th Delhi High Court,over the RTE Act. The High
Court directed Sandeep to present the petition to the Ministry as they
must have missed out this matter by the 12th of June,2010. Sandeep’s
petition is therefore attached. Our Position Paper is a part of
Sandeep’s petition.

We have requested that the Ministry call for a meeting where we can
discuss this matter. We hope they will call us soon. At that meeting we
could decide on a few people across the country who can represent us and
articulate the issues clearly.

So please go through this and also circulate it to others who may be
interested. It appears that some funding agencies have responded very
positively to the RTE Act and insist that only if there is a recognition
by the govt will they support the school. This may be something that
needs to be taken up with the concerned agencies so that they can also
be informed about the problems with the Act and that there need not be a
blind support to the Act….

Links to attachments as mentioned in the email –

9 June 2010 – Sandeep’s MHRD-representation


I hope I have put useful info for future reference for myself and others.

For more info, please join Yahoo Alt ED India group and the Pune Home schoolers group

One thought on “RTE 2009 India – Homeschool & Alternative schools

  1. Hi. I am studying about homeschool/home education. I wonder if you have any public assistance for the homeschoolers in India. Are there any financial aid for the parents like tax credit/deduction, public grants or any other else in India?

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