India Home Schooling Websites – 1

I am trying to gather some links and resources as regards to Homeschooling all over the World as well as in India.

My browsing the Alt-Ed-India mailing list and their website, interacting with people as well as searching via google has resulted in me getting some info & websites.

One day, I hope to make a page listing out and classifying them. But till then I guess I will put them in posts as & when I find. Hence this is called Part 1

So here they are –

Alternative Education in India (I started browsing with this)

Links I found through the Yahoo group about Indian & foreign documentaries

A great source of read for General Info

Books for Children and more

Huge database of pdf books, videos, films in English and other languages like Hindi

General info & free education resources

MIT Open Education Resources

A great blog by Sravani with huge amount of links & resources for homeschooling

Online Educational Video Games


Sandra Dodd Unschooling

Learning Network India

Some websites listed by Sravani on Yahoo group

I know the resources are scattered and not really helpful to a newbie, but that’s the way its on the web and I too am new to this homeschooling concept. (infact its just two days since I started searching. I am yet to check out all the links too)

Happy surfing. Please suggest any additions or thoughts via comments.

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